Shannon has always been fascinated by people.  And she has always had a tendency for fewer, but deeper, relationships.

“For me, it has always been a smaller number of stronger bonds,” she says.  “That’s why the AAREA mission – what we focus on every day – is to build deep, enduring relationships that help our clients thrive, prosper, and achieve what matters to them.”

Shannon has always had a deep commitment to personal achievement.  It manifested at a young age as an interest in entrepreneurship and the freedom it brings – something she is devoted to giving AAREA clients.

“Our entire reason for being is to create freedom for our clients, a drive that makes our business different in a number of ways.  First and foremost, we are not making any discretionary investment decisions.  In contrast, we create direct, separately-managed loan portfolios for sophisticated investors – at their direction.  Second, by providing full service loan administration, we save our clients time and money – and quite frankly, we transform their experience as a lender.”

With over 10 years of experience in financial services, Shannon has developed deep expertise in private credit and loan administration. She is a CFA (Chartered Financial Analyst) and has a BBA in Finance from Simon Fraser University.  As high ethical standards are critical to maintaining our clients’ trust, Shannon and the entire AAREA team are committed to the CFA Code of Ethics and Standards of Professional Conduct.  Shannon is also professionally licensed in real estate trading, mortgage brokering and mortgage administration and is a member of Entrepreneurs’ Organization.

Shannon believes there is no perfection, only continuous improvement. In her spare time, she achieved a Diploma in Wine from the WSET, and is a wine collector.  She gains so much energy from learning and growing as a business leader, that – with some coffee – she could do it 24 hours a day.