Funding Solutions

Funding Solutions

Financing Solutions to Seize Opportunities

and Navigate Challenges

Whether you want to optimize your cash flow, improve your investment returns, or invest opportunistically – AAREA offers a wide range of customized lending solutions to meet your individual financing requirements.

Our experienced specialists are here to help you develop a lending solution that enables you to:

Answer to liquidity needs
Make large acquisitions without selling existing assets through a loan utilised in the form of either a fixed-term loan or a bridge loan. Your acquisition will be financed against your existing assets.

Borrow money against the pledge of your existing assets and investments which serve as collateral. The proceeds of such loans can be reinvested in a diversified portfolio, serving as additional collateral. Such a portfolio diversifies risk and offers the opportunity to enhance investment yields without compromising your overall investment strategy.

Our typical clients include companies, entrepreneurs or principals who may:

  • Have High Assets/Low Income.
  • Work on transactions involving unique or esoteric collateral that traditional lenders do not understand.
  • Have suffered a negative credit event that rendered them un-bankable.
  • Have a transaction timeline that requires funding sooner than what their institution can commit to.

No matter the specific reason, AAREA will venture to customize a creative solution designed to meet your case-specific needs under a variety of lending, or joint venture arrangements.


Our Products

Private Residential Mortgages in Canada, USA and Commonwealth Caribbean Nations

  • First Mortgage
  • Second Mortgage
  • Home Equity Loans
  • Blanket, Collateral or Inter Alia Mortgages
  • The AAREA No Payment Mortgage
  • Spousal Buyouts
  • Refinancing
  • Debt Consolidation
  • Non Resident Purchase Financing
  • Bridge Loans
  • Partial Interest Mortgages (BC and Ontario)
  • Second Mortgages Behind CHIP Mortgages
  • Fix and Flip Mortgages
  • Foreclosure Avoidance Mortgages

Luxury Home Private Residential Mortgages

Mortgages on luxury residential properties up to $10 Million.

Developer Inventory Loans

Mortgages on built residential inventory that has occupancy permits and is being marketed for sale.

Asset Backed Lending

Asset-based lending, also known as asset backed finance, ABL lending or an asset-based loan, provides your small or medium-sized business with fast, flexible financing to optimize cash flow and effectively manage critical transitions.

Whether your business is looking to maximize growth opportunities or manage a successful turnaround, asset-backed financing provides maximum flexibility, especially in the following circumstances:

• Refinancing
• Rapid growth
• Restructuring or turnaround
• Acquisition, merger or buyout

Probate Loans (British Columbia)

Probating a will can occasionally be complicated by financial hurdles. Managing the deceased party’s affairs is not always straightforward; it may be necessary to restructure finances in order to obtain the probate. In these situations, a form of fast, flexible financing is required, and bridging provides the perfect solution; by presenting a fully adaptive form of funding, AAREA can structure loans that meet their clients’ needs perfectly and resolve their probate issues.

A probate loan is a form of secured finance, which means that the loan value is guaranteed against the assets used as collateral. This allows the lender to reclaim their initial loan through the sale of these assets should the borrower fail to repay the loan in full. A probate loan is a form of deferred security financing and has different and potentially greater risks than standard mortgage financing. The loan is advanced to the administrator or named executor of the estate for the purpose of paying probate fees and other costs required in order to obtain probate. Until probate is issued, the loan is unsecured, but the lender holds a registrable mortgage instrument granted by the executor. Once probate is issued and the executor is confirmed, the Lender submits the mortgage to the Land Title Office to be registered against title to the real property named in the mortgage.

Factoring – Receivables Financing

Instead of waiting 30-90 days for customers to pay their invoices, we can advance up to 90% of the face value of your outstanding invoices. This frees up cash for everyday operating expenses and expansion.

Bridge Loans

We provide bridge loans in situations where traditional financing sources can’t or won’t. AAREA can act quickly to provide the capital necessary to make your deal a reality.

Special Situation Loans

AAREA buys non performing mortgages in the Greater Toronto Area on residential properties up to 65% LTV.

We also provide emergency mortgage financing that can close within 48 hours in BC and Ontario.


Wine Lending

Loans for wine collectors looking to borrower against the value of their investment grade wine portfolio that is held in professional storage facilities in the US, UK or Switzerland Freeports.

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