Leadership Team

Leadership Team

The team at AAREA includes a passionate group of professionals with industry experience covering real estate, capital markets, banking, private equity, and loan administration.

  • Founder

    Shannon August, CFA

    Shannon has always been fascinated by people. And she has always had a tendency for fewer, but deeper, relationships.

    “For me, it has always been a smaller number of stronger bonds,” she says. “That’s why the AAREA mission – what we focus on every day – is to build deep, enduring relationships that help our clients thrive, prosper, and achieve what matters to them.”

    Shannon has always had a deep commitment to personal achievement. It manifested at a young age as an interest in entrepreneurship and the freedom it brings – something she is devoted to giving AAREA clients.

  • Private Lending

    Laura Adema, BBA

    Laura isn’t afraid to talk to anyone. Naturally gregarious, she sees her communication skills as essential to achieving our mission: We build deep, enduring relationships to help our clients thrive, prosper, and achieve what matters to them.

    “It’s so important to communicate with our clients and partners on their terms,” she says. “The aim is to be part of people’s lives, so they don’t feel like a number. We work with a relatively small group of sophisticated investors – and we want them to feel catered to.”

  • Private Lending

    Jody Ivanick

    Jody joined AAREA in 2014. He is involved in all aspects of mortgage lending including mortgage origination, the structuring of mortgage investments, underwriting, and the ongoing administration of loans funded. Jody has worked in the mortgage industry for over 15 years. He graduated from Simon Fraser University with a Bachelor of Business Administration.

  • Director of Operations

    Jasmina Ajanovic

    Jasmina joined AAREA as the Director of Operations and is involved with all aspects of operations and mortgage administration including implementing agile procedures, maintaining professional relationships and managing accurate and complete records.

    Jasmina has an analytical and detail oriented mindset, and comes to AAREA with over 14 years of banking experience with expertise in operations, agile methodologies, lending and customer advocacy.

    With an extensive background in customer experience, Jasmina focuses on maximizing efficiency while maintaining strong and meaningful relationships with internal and external clients. “Caring is in the details, you can tell someone you care, but showing them can only be done by noticing and acknowledging the small things that are important to them,” she says. This is a mantra that Jasmina lives by, and strives to implement in all interactions, both professionally and personally.

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