High Value Luxury Home Mortgages

Whether it is for rent or personal use, luxury properties in BC and Ontario remain an alluring investment. Gorgeous houses with privacy and seclusion, peaceful neighbourhoods and astonishing views keep attracting both investors and high-net-worth borrowers.

Financing for high-end properties is not always straightforward, however, it is AAREA’s expertise to arrange large and complicated home loans with professionalism and a custom approach tailored to each client.

We help clients to secure the best large mortgage loans on properties in Vancouver and Greater Toronto Area.

With AAREA, clients get help with negotiation, understanding terms, dealing with paperwork and the different parties involved in the process.

Highvalue mortgages require a personal approach and need to be individually negotiated and arranged. In a world of increasing choice, fragmentation and automation, our dedicated service brings creativity and clarity to cut through the noise and secure the perfect solution for our clients.

AAREA is a leader in providing luxury home private mortgages in Canada for both purchase and refinance loans.

Your clients are as unique as the mortgages we provide for them. At AAREA, we take the time to understand our clients’ circumstances, working with the facts to negotiate the best mortgage solution for their needs.

We thrive when it comes to navigating highvalue, complex and challenging financing scenarios and our bespoke approach ensures we get the best possible outcome for our clients every single time.


AAREA is a mortgage brokerage and administrator focused exclusively on private lending. We build and manage mortgage portfolios for affluent individuals, families and select institutions. We seek to invest in high-quality private residential mortgages in select Canadian markets. We offer fully-customized segregated accounts for each client. AAREA is a private mortgage lender for residential 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages in BC and Ontario. Apply Today for a Fast Approval on Your Mortgage. AAREA is a licensed mortgage broker with FICOM and FSCO. FSCO Agent# M13001661, FSCO Broker #12686