Mortgages for International Clients

AAREA has lots of experience working with international clients. We help global citizens become homeowners in Canada.

Whether international borrowers are buying a home in Canada to live in or use as an investment property, AAREA has the experience to provide mortgage solutions for foreign nationals.

Our Foreign Buyer Program offers flexible non-resident purchase financing: 

  • Borrowers purchasing real estate in BC or Ontario can be approved without any Canadian credit history or Canadian income confirmation.
  • At AAREA, we are pleased to offer purchase financing up to 65% loan to value.
  • We can provide financing even if the buyer is out of the country at the time of closing as long as they have a local lawyer representing them.
  • If the purchaser does not have a Canadian bank account we can structure the loan to be fully prepaid to remove the need for payments during the term.

Contact us today to explore your private financing options. 

AAREA is a mortgage brokerage and administrator focused exclusively on private lending. We build and manage mortgage portfolios for affluent individuals, families and select institutions. We seek to invest in high-quality private residential mortgages in select Canadian markets. We offer fully-customized segregated accounts for each client. AAREA is a private mortgage lender for residential 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages in BC and Ontario. Apply Today for a Fast Approval on Your Mortgage. AAREA is a licensed mortgage broker with FICOM and FSCO. FSCO Agent# M13001661, FSCO Broker #12686