Mortgage Administrator

Are you all about the details?
Do like you creating systems and organizing?
Do you like to flexibility with your working hours?
Do you want to work in a growth environment where you can make an impact and meaningfully contribute to the near and long term mission?


AAREA is a private mortgage lending and administration company operating in BC and Ontario. We provide mortgage administration services for our clients and for third parties. The loan portfolio is entirely residential mortgages. AAREA was founded in 2012 and has grown through a commitment to putting client interests first. We operate by the CFA Code of Ethics.

Our Core Values

  1. Integrity in everything we do.
  2. Professionalism. We take great pride in the professional quality of our work. We would rather be best than biggest.
  3. Teamwork. While individual creativity is always encouraged, team effort produces the best results.
  4. Confidentiality. We regularly receive sensitive documents as part of our normal operations. To breach confidence or use confidential information improperly or carelessly would be unthinkable.
  5. Service Oriented. Our client’s interests always come first.

Job Overview

Mortgage Administrator is responsible for all functions related to loan administration throughout the lifecycle of the loan. These functions are required in order to maintain a performing mortgage asset, comply with regulatory and audit requirements and ensure customer satisfaction.

The roles within the mortgage administration team include but are not limited to processing renewals, follow up on late payments, processing payments, producing mortgage statements, communicating with lenders and borrowers, document preparation and recordkeeping, updating mortgage documentation, updating property insurance and preparing mortgage discharges. The administrator is expected to be an expert or specialist in the functions they are accountable for.

We are looking for a fully-trained mortgage administrator used to handling high volumes of varied tasks, which you will need to consider and think about resolving with minimum supervision.

This position offers a competitive salary and flexible hours. Performance is rewarded. You will work from your own location using a secure remote internet connection provided by the company. This is a permanent contractor position, not an employment position. Being a contractor will give you the privilege of deducting expenses from your income. All team members at AAREA are independent contractors and location independent.

What You Will Do

Mortgage Administrator’s primary responsibilities include:

  • Follow up on payouts past due; resolve client discrepancies and short payments; negotiate alternate payment arrangements;
  • Review loan and mortgage files and prepare a recommendation regarding the extension (renewal) or discontinuance (call loan) of the file.
  • Prepare the necessary documentation for mortgage renewals.
  • Follow-up with borrower, broker, underwriter to complete process
  • Prepare discharge statements and documentation;
  • Process mortgage payments and renewals;
  • Update and maintain various reports for tracking purposes;
  • Process transactions on mortgage software;
  • Investigate problems with Tax bills, escalations, late penalties;
  • Follow up on shortfalls on paid out loans;
  • Special Project as Required

What We’re Looking For

The successful candidate is someone who is passionate about the mortgage industry, is committed to customer service excellence, and enjoys working independently. This individual also meets the following qualifications:

  • Experience with loan administration software
  • Minimum 3+ years of work experience in the mortgage administration or lending role, in the financial services;
  • Effective organizational, priority setting, negotiation, interpersonal, team player, attention to detail and time-management skills; ability to multi task and work with strict deadlines;
  • Must have strong work ethic skills; be self-motivated; take ownership, accountability and initiative; work well under pressure;
  • Strong data entry and basic accounting skills; ability to balance cash and perform calculations;
  • Experience with MS Word, Excel, Outlook; prior experience in banking or a credit union environment considered an asset;
  • Ability to work from your own location. Flexible work schedule at 20+ hours to start, evolving into a full time role.

Job Type: Contract Role, Long Term, Flexible Hours

Experience: mortgage administration or lending: 3+ years (Required)


AAREA is a mortgage brokerage and administrator focused exclusively on private lending. We build and manage mortgage portfolios for affluent individuals, families and select institutions. We seek to invest in high-quality private residential mortgages in select Canadian markets. We offer fully-customized segregated accounts for each client. AAREA is a private mortgage lender for residential 1st, 2nd and 3rd mortgages in BC and Ontario. Apply Today for a Fast Approval on Your Mortgage. AAREA is a licensed mortgage broker with FICOM and FSCO. FSCO Agent# M13001661, FSCO Broker #12686